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Programmes of study for all genres are available to order with discounted rates for ARBTA members. Please fill in the General Order and email to Specifications are available for the ARBTA/GQAL Examinations. Members are able to download the specification below or visit the GQAL website to download the specification. You will also find any syllabus, programme of study or specification update on this page under Syllabi and Specification Updates.

Syllabi and Specification Updates

  1.  The ARBTA Ballet Preliminary to Grade 8 Programme of Study is available to purchase. Please note, from 1st January 2024 the previous Programme of Study will no longer be accepted. Please ensure you use the new programme of study when preparing for examinations form January 2024 onwards.

  2. The ARBTA Intermediate to Advanced II Programme of Study will be available from January 2024. If you require a particular level in order to prepare for examinations, please email to request a copy.

  3.  The new teaching qualifications are now available. For more information on this, please press the Teaching Qualifications Button on the members page. The next GQAL course will be on the 24th February 2024.

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