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Whether you are doing GQAL/ARBTA examinations or ARBTA Assessments and Awards, whether live or recorded (please note recorded examinations are only accepted under specific circumstances), you will need to fill in an Examination Application Form


- Please give at least three month’s notice of your preferred examination date when requesting a session at your school by completing the Examination Application Form and returning it to
- Please give 2 alternative dates and complete all sections of the form. These will include genre, levels and approximate numbers of candidates.
- A £100 deposit should be sent to the Treasurer by bank transfer as you apply for the examination session.
- Teachers membership of ARBTA must be up to date and (this includes teachers applying for the examination session as well as those who will be teaching during the proposed session).
- Centre Approval Forms must have been completed and approved.
- Schools unable to meet the minimum charge for examination sessions may join forces with another member school with Centre Approval.
- Dates will be confirmed within 14 days of submitting your Examination Application Form. You will also receive an Examination Pack via email with all relevant documents.
- If you are applying for a remote examination session (such as a pre-recorded examination session), please submit your Remote Examination Request Form
- This would also be the time to submit the Application Form for Reasonable Adjustments. Please refer to the ARBTA/GQAL Dance Handbook for further information

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