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The ARBTA Organisation 

ARBTA is a friendly and approachable nonprofit organisation with strict budgetary controls and has a 9 member Board of Directors. These Board members monitor and deal with the running and organisation of ARBTA, meeting regularly throughout the year together with an AGM for all Members which takes place each March. Through listening to our members, ARBTA balances the preservation of traditional practices and reputable wisdom with the continually evolving modern industry. This collaborative relationship with members enhances ARBTA's extensive and varied platform, leading to a logical, progressive system for those teaching or studying dance. 

The Executive Examination Board reviews examination procedures and ensures appropriate marking standards. ARBTA is an accredited member of the BDQT – Board of Dance Qualifications and Trainings. The BDQT “demonstrate to the general public and the industry alike, their firm commitment to Quality Assurance, Health & Safety and Continued Professional Development”.


In December 1996, a small group of professionals with a range of expertise founded a new association.  The originating associates realised the need for a progressive, supportive society that would enrich the objectives of teachers, pupils and affiliates. 


At the heart of the association, there is a profound understanding and appreciation for Classical Russian Ballet, in both the Vaganova and Legat system. Parallel to this foundation is the recognition of the importance of other genres that can provide dancers with the opportunity to evolve and expand in the modern industry.


The absence of an association that allowed members to practise both Russian systems as well as recognise the importance of complementary theatre arts, urged the founding members to fill this void

Aims and Objectives

We aim to safeguard, protect and promote the system, style and traditions of the Russian School as promoted by Legat and Vaganova.  

Our syllabus specifications enable member schools and teachers to enter students into graded, major and professional examinations. 


In addition, ARBTA offers specifications for complimentary Theatre Dance Award Examinations, including Contemporary, Jazz, Tap and Character to encourage a wider appreciation of all artistic genres. 


ARBTA is committed to providing a quality training system suitable for every level with accessibility for all.

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